We offer comprehensive, reliable and in depth compliance consultancy services on topics within our areas of expertise.

We are also open to participation in major research projects commissioned by large institutions, companies and/or universities as well as research on a specific legal question commissioned by private clients.

Our work ethic compels us to produce high-quality research timely and to the best of our abilities. We draw from a very diverse pool of professional and educational experience and can accommodate projects which are more academic in nature, as well as practical compliance issues within our fields of work.

While our services are offered in the English language, we are happy to communicate with clients from across the globe and to provide a professionally translated version of any work produced (which will be reflected in the price).

We are keen to accept projects related to the EU/US implications of corporate law provisions and regulations, financial market/banking regulation, EU Competition Law, EU Freedom of Movement Law (people, services, goods and capital) and International Arbitration, as well as projects related to Islamic Finance law.

In addition, we offer consultancy services to individuals across the EU. In particular, we consult on private law matters relating to English law (for instance, Family, Child, Immigration, Property and Trusts law). Due to the impending exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, we also now offer consultations on individuals on issues arising from Brexit - for instance, freedom of movement and discrimination. This service is available both to UK nationals anywhere within the EU and to EU nationals living in the UK.

For more information about our work, rates and conditions, please contact us on:

Telephone Number: +49 17621452149


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